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Michele Nobler - Music Licensing

In addition to being a composer, I am also a photographer and a video maker. So I understand the needs of anyone looking to sync music in their video projects.

Here you can find all the useful information to understand how to legally use Michele Nobler's music in all your video projects.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for original music for your project, and would like me to write your soundtrack, go to the bottom of the page to contact me directly with your specific questions.
Or check out my Patreon where there may be some custom solutions that are right for you.

For simpler projects most of my already released music is available on some music licensing platforms like Storyblocks, Artlist and Motion Array.
If you have special requests that are not satisfied by these platforms, feel free to contact me using the form below.

However, keep in mind, for clarity, that the synchronization licenses provided by the stock music libraries exclusively concern the license to use the music together with the videos, and that even if the licenses are free, it is always good to mention me in the credits or in the metadata, because this information they will later be used by broadcasters to correctly compile the cue sheets. The synchronization license issued to the producers of the videos does not imply that the broadcasters are free not to compile the cue sheets and to correctly pay the public performance rights to the collecting societies... sync licenses and public performance rights are not the same thing, and often they are not attributable to the same subjects... this just to work in the right way!

I look forward to working together!


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